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No 565


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We have regular monthly meetings in Wausau and Madison the first week of the month. The first Tuesday of the month, we meet at 7:30am, 12:00pm and 3:30pm at Weston Lanes in Weston. The meetings in Madison are the first Thursday of the month, at 12:00pm, 2:30pm, and at 4:00pm.
Please note: We suspend meetings during the summer months of June, July, and August.
  Address and Beneficiary Information Updates
It is extremely important that you keep your address and beneficiary information up to date with the Local Union. By the time you think of making the change, it may be too late. To make changes to your address or beneficiary info, please contact the union office or talk to your Steward or Committeeperson.


Photo gallery

To see more pictures from an event, click on the picture and it will take you to the link to more pictures (if more pictures are available).

25/40/50 Year Membership Recognition Banquet Madison October 15, 2016

25 year (left to right): Dave Goodspeed (Business Agent), David Schopen (member), Ray Ficken (Business Manager), Charles Cushman (member), Tim Sullivan (Business Agent)

40 year (left to right): Dave Goodspeed, Bruce Eggers (member), Scott Davis (member), Gordon Ring (member), Ray Ficken, Tim Sullivan

50 year (left to right): Dave Goodspeed, Fred Caruso (member), Ray Ficken, Tim Sullivan

25/40/50 Year Membership Recognition Banquet Wausau October 22, 2016

25 year (back left to right): Dan Kortte (organizer), Tim Sullivan, Dave Goodspeed, Mike LaFave (Director of Production Workers), Ray Ficken, (front left to right all members): Randall Lex, Stephan Erdmann, Timothy Resch, Richard Antone

40 year (left to right): Dan Kortte, Tim Sullivan, Dave Goodspeed, Edward Cveykus (member), Mike LaFave, Ray Ficken

50 year (back left to right): Dan Kortte, Tim Sullivan, Dave Goodspeed, Mike LaFave (front): Gerald Roeder (member), Ray Ficken



SMART Director of Production Mike LaFave came to Wausau to give a class to some of the Stewards of Greenheck Fan. The Stewards were instructed on such things as Stewards' Rights, Weingarten Rights, the Unions Duty of Fair representation, Communication and Handling of Grievances.

Front row L-R: Dave Goodspeed, Rod Westphal, Tim Sullivan, Yee Thao, Teng Lee, Rick Stahl, Mark Tauferner, Scott Seymour, Gerald Kolpacki

Back Row L-R: Isaiah Smith, Ray Ficken, Tony Thao, Brian De La Pena, Mike LaFave, Dan Kortte


Worker's Memorial Day 2015

Worker's Memorial Day was on April 28, 2015. A press conference was held at the Madison Labor Temple to talk about safety in the workplace and to pay respect to the workers who died in Wisconsin in the past year. Member Rhonda Erickson spoke at the press conference. To watch Rhonda's speech, click HERE. To watch the list of WI workers who died on the job in 2014, click HERE.


The First Local 565 Picnic held June 14th 2014 in Wausau WI



The 25/40 Year Membership recognition Banquet held in Wausau November 3, 2012

From left to right: President Randy Kurth, Peter Krause, Bruce Gunseor, Marvin Podgorskt, Larry Sterzinger (all work for Greenheck Fan), Business Manager Ray Ficken.

he 25/40 Year Membership recognition Banquet held in Madison November 10, 2012

Back Row, From left to right: Ray Ficken (BM), Tim Sullivan (BA), Randy Kurth (pres), Mel Troia, Kurt Kroll, Bruce McCluskey, Dick Helley, Tom Hefty, Kurt Neumann, Ron Hefty (all work for Sub Zero Freezer)
Front Row, From left to right: Patti Austin (Carnes), Dale Laube (Sub Zero), Kevin Nicholson (Bou-Matic), Dave Henning (Bou-Matic), Rich Boldt (Sub Zero), Kay Tippet (Sub Zero), Randy Thayer (Sub Zero), Brad Hoffmaster (Sub Zero)  


The 25/40 Year Membership recognition Banquet held in Madison October 2, 2010


25 year members (Bottom from Left): Dan McPhail (Carnes), Mike Godfrey (Carnes), Gary Hemesath (Sub Zero), Ken Klawiter (Everbrite), Dale Nelson (Carnes)

40 year members (Bottom from Left): Dave Cox (Sub Zero), Lee Eveland (Carnes), Paul Skinner (Trachte), Tom Fauts (Trachte)


Employee Free Choice Roundtable 2/18/09


Business Rep Tim Sullivan and Office Manager Sarah Przybylski drop off toys at Madison's Z104 Toy Tour for Toys for Tots. Thanks to all members who purchased raffle tickets so more kids in WI could have a good Holiday.